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The Best Skin Care to Use While Pregnant You Will LOVE!

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Pregnancy safe skincare

Your Guide To Pregnancy Safe Skincare

As a first-time mom, I was SO stressed when it came to what clean, pregnancy-safe products I could use and what products I could not. It is easy for a ‘clean’ beauty company to say all of their products are safe for pregnancy, but sometimes you find a sneaky little ingredient in a product that truly is not safe. I have found my favorite pregnancy-safe products that work miracles!
The list I am sharing is a list of products I CURRENTLY use and are in my beauty routine. Again, I work from home I am typically bare-faced, but always put on some type of moisturizer and SPF! Now, you do NOT need to be like me and buy ALL THE THINGS, but my skin has its days and I like to have options.

Your skincare needs are different when you are pregnant and your skin may not like how something feels, the good thing about Amazon is you can return easily and it comes a lot faster! Click here if you do not have Amazon Prime for a FREE TRIAL! I hope you enjoy this FIRST list of pregnancy-safe beauty products as much as I do! Look out for Part Two!

Honest Beauty

Who loves Jessica Alba as much as I do? I wish I could be her, she saw an issue with skincare and made her own line! What a BAD A$$ BOSS LADY! Can I say Hashtag Goals? Here are my favorite products I use on my face, and sometimes my belly from Honest Beauty! Their products are made WITHOUT Parabens, Silicones, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes.

HydroGel Cream

This cream has TWO different types of Hyaluronic Acid plus Squalane, to keep your face feeling super hydrated and juicy! If you like to look dewy this one is for you. Use night and/or day.

Magic Gel to Milk Cleanser

I will admit at first this cleanser was a little weird for me. It does not sud as a typical cleanser might, but I kept using it and now I am in LOVE. I keep this in my shower and use it when my face feels dull and needs some TLC. If you live in a dry climate I 1000% would get this cleanser!

Daily Calm Moisturizer

Have sensitive skin? RUN do not walk and get this pump of greatness. It helps strengthen your skin barrier and is a huge perk: it is recognized by the National Eczema Association! Can be used on your whole body, but it is a small container so I would not.

Vitamin C Serum

If I could buy every single Vitamin C Serum ever made, I would. Vitamin C Serum helps with brightness, may promote collagen production (keyword may), reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, is very hydrating, and a bunch of other perks. My Pregnancy Skin has been red, dry, and my dark spots got darker. Therefore, Vitamin C Serum is my BFF. The Honest Beauty Serum really makes my skin glow, sometimes I use it by itself and look I illuminate in my zoom calls!

Prime and Beauty Mask

TREAT YO’SELF with this mask. Sometimes I kick back with some herbal tea and put this mask on to feel refreshed and renewed. Not going to lie, the color of the mask also makes it fun. No strong fragrances in this mask and can be used for all skin types! Why I like it – made my skin feel soft, and reduced redness.

Elta MD

Elta MD is a trusted brand by dermatologists! Their products are great for every skin type and they renew and heal the skin for sure. I do not have too many of their products, because I found the ones that are right for me and pregnancy-safe.

PM Therapy

Night-time moisturizers that are REALLY good are hard to come by for me. This Elta MD PM Therapy really repairs my skin overnight and I wake up feeling fresh and my skin is nice and smooth.

UV Elements Tinted SPF 44 Moisturizer

Perfect for throwing on with a simple concealer and mascara for a quick look to get you out the door. Personally, I do not wear foundation and this tinted moisturizer is enough for me, I even use it at night if I am going out! The coverage is light, but enough in my opinion.

Foaming Cleanser

Foaming cleanser tends to make me think my face is getting cleaner, even though that is not really true. However, this cleanser helps get my mascara off and is gentle enough for my pregnancy skin!

UV Pure Face and Body SPF 47

I have posted about this sunscreen in my First Trimester Must-Haves! It is one of my go-to’s for any time I will be in the sun. I like that I can use it on my face and my body, which makes it a diverse sunscreen to have in your cabinet and more worth the price tag!

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Drunk Elephant

Made here in the US, Drunk Elephant is known for its quality and is cruelty-free! I love that they have all different types of products and even some for my vegan friends! Plus they have such a cute name and they are committed to being a clean beauty brand 🙂

LaLaRetro Whipped Cream

Talk about a cloud feeling on your face! This cream is so light and airy, I keep the mini in my purse for when my face is feeling dry on airplanes or when I am on the go! It is known as a smoothie for your skin!

D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

Who does not love a little sun-kissed look? These drops are great in your moisturizer to get a little bit of a glow and some color. The best part is, it is a serum that is used for fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is off-limits during pregnancy and so is retinol, so this could be the next best thing!

Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser 

Absolutely LOVE this melting butter. It gets all the dirt, makeup, and sunscreen off my face. SOME people will just use this and call it a night (no judgment), I still like to cleanse with a cleanser then do my moisturizing routine after but to each their own! This butter gets literally everything off my skin!

Umbra Sheer Daily Defense SPF 30

You may be thinking, why do I have so much sunscreen, ha! But this little tube of joy is great when you will not be out in the sun for too long since it is only SPF 30! A lot of individuals do not like this sunscreen due to it leaving a light white hint for a little while after application. However, the antioxidants it has in the formula help keep your skin looking healthy. The white glow goes away!

Pekee Bar

Perfect for all skin times, this little bar is magical! It is a gentle cleanser and toner all in one! Just so you know, it does keep your skin a little more moisturized than a typical cleanser, but I still use my serum and moisturizers after I cleanse with this bar.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil 

Talk about rehab for your skin! No fragrance here in this facial oil. It is super refreshing and does not give you that greasy feel. However, I do not recommend oil for my oil-skinned friends! If you want to try it, go for it, but I would only use it rarely if you do have more oil-prone skin!

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Enjoy Pregnancy-Safe Skincare!

I hope you enjoyed PART I of the perfect pregnancy-safe skincare products! All these products are currently pregnancy-safe beauty products that you can add to your day and nighttime routine. I love brands that are keen on having clean beauty products to help keep my skin healthy and my body + baby safe. If you have a brand you love, comment in the comments below – I would love to try them out! Keep up with my posts next time I will have my favorites from Biossance, Glow Recipe, and Sunday Riley! Enjoy!

Pregnancy safe skincare

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