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Start Your Amazon Registry with These Most Wanted Items!

Amazon Baby Registry Top Picks and Must Haves

It may be that time you are scrambling to put together your amazon baby registry because someone has been so kind to throw you a baby shower, OR everyone keeps asking you what you want/need for your baby! The registry is the most stressful part if you are anything like me. How do I know what bottle my baby will like or what type of swaddle he will want? Word of advice, do NOT get overwhelmed…or at least try not to! I am here to help start your Amazon Registry!

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Starting Your Amazon Registry

To be clear, Amazon is not the only registry I used…I will post more about my other registries later. However, Amazon provides a super LEGIT welcome box once you complete your registry, and one (1) purchase is made of $10! ALSO, a month before your due date, they will give you a 15% off coupon to purchase anything that was not purchased on your registry to prepare for the baby! Click here to get started! **Hint put things on your registry you may need for post-labor to get the 15% off perk**

My Top 5 Registry Items

1. Stroller

I find myself being super picky about strollers. I do want to have another little one in the future, so it was important to me that the stroller we picked would work for our family not only now but in the future as well. There are the top strollers I found on Amazon that I think could work for any family, at any price point.

Graco Modes Nest Travel System

At under $500 this is a steal, it comes with the infant car seat, cupholder, and the toddler seat! It has great storage and the biggest perk – it is lightweight!

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

This stroller is on the pricey side, coming in hot at $1500 (with everything shown in the image below). It does come with the bassinet, infant car seat, toddler seat, and base. The great thing about this stroller is that it will grow with your family, you just need to buy a few more accessories when you are there. This stroller is an investment, but the fun thing about the amazon registry is that you can do group purchasing, and people can chip in to get you the big ticketed items!

2. Bassinet

Personally, I will have our son sleeping next to me (in a bassinet) for his first few months of life. I have friends that they went immediately into a crib or in 2 months’ time they transitioned into their own room in a crib. Having a bassinet that again works for your family is important. I have found 2 that I have heard wonderful things about (and I did get one of the two).

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

This is the bassinet I chose, I wanted something that could swivel and come close to my side of the bed. Plus it still has the capabilities of light vibrations to help the baby fall back asleep.

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet

The investment piece in my opinion is the SNOO. I have friends that SWEAR from this bassinet. I however really wanted the swivel feature on the HALO. However, to each their own! If you want to spend the big bucks or have someone that will from your registry this is a great bassinet to have for your little one! If you are thinking of having another little one, this would be a great investment to have and keep for your next!

amazon baby registry must haves

3. Baby Monitor

Although, you may not need a baby monitor right away (if baby is sleeping in your room) this is a great add to the baby registry! There are so many new baby monitors that now can track your baby’s sleep cycles, breathing rhythms, etc etc. Here are my top 2 choices (one of which was on my registry)!

The Hubble Connected Nursery Pal

I picked the Hubble Nursery Pal Premium, because it can be connected to an app on your phone AND it has its on monitor. Since I work from home, my phone is usually in use for work and I did not want something that may end up randomly not pinging me if little man is crying (first time mom nerves, am I right?). Also, this monitor is able to add another camera for when/if you have multiple kiddos!

Owlet Dream Duo: Dream Sock Baby Monitor and HD Camera

The Owlet has been around now for a couple of years. It has great reviews and I have friends that swear by this cute little sock. It is SO nice that they now have a Dream Duo that includes the sock monitor and the camera! Who doesn’t want to see their little human sleep PLUS monitor their breathing? I will say this is a tad bit pricier, but the great thing about the Amazon Baby Registry is that you can do group purchasing, have your friends and family chip in for the big ticketed items!


4. Noise Machine/Night Light

Two-in-One…noise machine and night light, perfect for late night feedings and to drown out any noise! This is a MAJOR must have on any registry and for any mom. Like I said, great to drown out any noise, and if you need to wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding, diaper change, or even if mom needs to use the bathroom – these have a nightlight so in my case my husband and two pups won’t wake up!

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

I had this on my registry, and I already love it (baby isn’t even here yet!). I love that it is able to connect to my phone and has a ‘time to rise’ function! This is already packed in my backpack ready to go to the hospital, to drown out any noise there for baby, the hubby, and me! Price does seem a little steep for a noise machine, but the reviews are incredible and I have mom friends that swear by it!

White Noise Machine with Large Night Light

This is the more affordable version of the Hatch. Coming in at under $30 this is a great alternative for those that do not want to save a few bucks…babies are expensive! I do not know anyone who has used this version, but so far they have some good reviews! May be worth a shot, if you end up getting this version, let me know in the comments how it worked for you! It seems to have some great settings that include, but not limited to: a timer, and a memory function.

5. Diaper Bag

Everyone needs a diaper bag or Backpack! There are so many different ones on Amazon, but the two I am sharing are the top in their price point. With unique looks and features there is so much to chose from.

Freshly Picked Classic Convertible Diaper Backpack

Super sleek, comes in many different colors and styles, perfect accessory for mom and baby! You can use this backpack also as a crossbody, or purse. It has 10 pockets and an electronic sleeve, plus my favorite part is the magnetic closure!

Baby Diaper Backpack With Changing Station

This little cost efficient backpack is a gem! SO much room inside and has a great insulated pouch for bottles. Plus it converts into a changing station that is perfect for a mom and little one who is on the go! Also comes in an array of colors that is perfect to match mom’s style!

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Would love to hear what you put on your baby registry in the comments below! Hope my top 5 items helped you start your Amazon Registry!

Cheers mamas!

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